Online Makeup Courses

Online makeup courses are increasingly popular as it allows regular people to teach themselves to become semi-professional visagistes. One problem people encounter when selecting an online makeup course is finding the right course, that suit their current level of expertise. There is also a lot of free information available about makeup – there is a lot of information on this website too – so many amateur makeup artists already know a fair bit, before they enroll in a course.

We reviewed a number of online courses from different schools, and we found two of them sticking out above the rest:


QC make up academy is an international school online. Since 1984 they have been offering distance education courses and are well known for delivering course content online in a comprehensive manner. They have innovative makeup artistry courses and have introduced hours of intensive instructional video with many of them featuring celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson.

Along with providing premium course content, they also provide a great student support system ensuring that your online makeup courses run smoothly and all your needs are met efficiently. To show how confident they are about their quality online makeup courses, they offer to give your money back if you are not satisfied with their courses. Once you receive your package you are given 21 days to review the course materials and if you are not satisfied you can return them back unused. It should be stated that some course materials cannot be returned and you should check with the school to find out which ones.


The school which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau offers the following courses makeup artistry, special fix makeup, hair styling essentials, airbrush makeup workshop, pro makeup workshop and lots more. On completion of the makeup artistry you will be awarded Certified International Makeup Professional certification.


Vizio makeup academy considers itself as world leader in online makeup courses education and is well known for providing an education to professionals who are interested in having a career in film, television, fashion and much more. You can choose from their various professional certificate courses and with their multi touch technology platform it has become much easier to enroll for the courses.

The school not only offers modern professional online makeup courses but you will also be taught by top makeup artists in the industry. You will be guided by mentors and artists who will reveal secrets and tips courtesy of their years of experience to help you excel in the industry. On completion of the online makeup courses you will be given a certificate which will go a long way in boosting your career.

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With several makeup courses available, all offering various benefits and incentives it can be a challenge choosing the right makeup courses to study. It is worth pointing out that not all makeup courses are the same which makes it all the more essential for you to get the right course that suits your needs and style because after all said and done it is your career you are planning for and to have a great future. So here are some factors to consider in choosing the right makeup courses suitable for you.


Before choosing the makeup courses, ensure you check out the qualifications of the tutors at any school before you register. You need to be taught by professionals who are conversant with modern techniques. You can find out if they are presently working in the area of the makeup industry you will like to learn, how good their work is as well as how many years of experience they have both working and teaching.Makeup-Course-for-lipstick


When applying to study your desired makeup courses, you will need to get enrolled in a school where you will be tutored. Ensure the school you choose to have your studies is one that has been around for some years and is accredited and has the required facilities to teach such courses. This is important because a school that is not accredited will not have the required standard and facilities to teach the courses which can affect you negatively in the long run. Remember apart from choosing the makeup courses that suit your needs you need a school that will provide a good learning environment.


When choosing the makeup courses to do, you have to be aware of your learning capacity and capabilities. Several schools put a lot of programs into a course within a short period and this can give some students a hard time assimilating all these information within the short period. People learn differently so it is important you know how fast you can take in information. If short term courses will be too hard for you it may be better for you to go for longer term makeup courses where you will have enough time to learn and be able to assimilate at a slower pace.


When choosing the makeup courses that will suit you it will not be a bad idea to ask the opinion of students who have studied various makeup courses. Some of the questions you can ask is what benefits have they got from studying these courses, if they are working can they give an insight into how these courses have boosted their career as their answers will help you decide the right makeup courses to choose.

You can also get their opinions on the school where they enrolled for the courses and know if they had the required facilities such as having models for you to practice on as these are points that can assist you in choosing the right makeup courses that suit you.


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