Makeup artist schools in the USA

Makeup Artist School

With a wide range of makeup artist schools available, seeking an education in cosmetic design and application could seem an easy task. From short term to long term, simple to more complex, there are several makeup education programs to choose from that will help you become a professional makeup artist.

With various options available it important you do a proper research and examine what the makeup artist school has to offer. It is important you select a makeup artist school that has the needed standard and requirements as this can go a long way in helping you have a great career. Ensure the makeup artist school has standard facilities, accredited courses, experienced and professional tutors who have several years of experience working in the industry. You need to be sure about the makeup artist school before spending your hand earned cash and devoting a lot of time to your studies. Here are some of the well-known makeup artistry schools in the United States.


The academy is situated Burbank, California and is owned by Marvin Westmore. The academy’s primary focus is on the creative side of makeup artistry and provides programs for people with a variety of career objectives. There are various programs available, providing options for people who are interested in having bridal and salon makeup careers as well as others who will like to work in the entertainment industry. Also available are basic programs and short term workshops.


The name Joe Blasco is one that is well respected in the makeup industry and his schools are among the recognized makeup artistry training schools in the United States. The programs offered at the school are created and tailored to meet the training needs of people who will like to pursue a career as makeup artists in the entertainment industry. The school has many branches with locations in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California with plans of having a location in New York as well.



The school is located in Hollywood, California and is the first professional school of makeup to be accredited in the United States. Since being established in 1966 the school has offered highly reputable training programs created and designed to teach students the needed techniques and skills that are necessary for them to be successful in the very competitive makeup industry. Also apart from the basic level programs that are offered to students, elegance international also offers continuing education courses as well as master classes.


Located in Los Angeles, California the school offers training programs in various aspects of the makeup industry. The programs provide various options to students such as trainings tailored to working in areas of top fashion, special effects, beauty, prosthetics, digital effects and much more. The good part of the school’s programs is that it specifically focuses on providing students with the relevant skills needed to work in the entertainment industry to help them go ahead and have a successful and rewarding career.