Makeup for the mature skin

Makeup-and-cosmetics-for-women-mature-skinAs women grow older and age gracefully, it becomes crucial for them to get the right makeup for their skin. These days it has become much easier to get the right makeup for mature skin as technology has seen designers in the beauty industry create makeup that helps reduce the signs of aging for women over 50 years old, making them look much younger than their actual age.

These products are user-friendly and are specifically designed makeup for the mature skin. They are carefully created and designed to make women feel good about themselves by moisturizing, filling in fine lines and hiding any trouble spots and most importantly giving the face a great lift.


  • While looking for the right makeup for mature skin, women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s need to know that their skin will not be the same as when they were much younger in their 20s and 30s so they will need a new foundation. When we age our pores become larger hence the need to change heavy foundation to a lighter one. Women with dry skin will need to get creamy formulations while women with oily skin will need to go for oil free foundations.

  • Another mistake we tend to make is applying the same foundation all year round or most of the time during the year. There are different seasons during the year and this leads to our skin changing to adapt to each new season.

  • For example during the summer months your skin could become oily and you may need to use a moisturizer that is tinted while during the winter months you may require a creamy formula.

  • Another important aspect of achieving the perfect makeup for mature skin is using makeup primer. Some women may not consider it to be important but it is actually what makes your make up stand out. Putting a layer of primer between your skin and make up will help your foundation fit perfectly and make it smooth.

  • Some women usually overdo their makeup and unknowingly draw a lot of attention to the wrinkles around their eyes because the heavy makeup forms cake lines. To avoid this situation you should apply a moisturizer immediately after washing your face in the morning as this will open up your skin and enable the makeup glide easily.

  • For women that have to contend with a sagging chin, you can use a shade or two that is darker than the foundation you use and cover the darker area with a translucent powder as this goes a long way in raising a sagging chin and improving you look.

As we grow older moving into our 60s and 70s, the texture of our skin tends to become drier and loses it vitality. At this stage, it is essential to use and apply creamy formulas and avoid using too much powder to leave the skin nourished and younger looking.

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