Makeup schools in Chicago


With many makeup schools in Chicago – all offering different benefits and incentives – it can be hard choosing the right makeup school, that meets your requirements and needs. It is essential you choose a school that has the necessary requirements such as:

  • good physical facilities and amenities. Visit the building to check this out yourself.
  • Professional and qualified teachers, with relevant years of experience
  • Accredited courses by the industry’s governing institutions.

All these requirements are very vital as they can be the difference between you having a successful makeup career or not. Understanding how difficult it can be looking for schools, below are some of the good makeup schools in Chicago


Make Up First was established and founded in 2006 by renowned makeup and hair stylist Jill Glaser and in many quarters it is considered as a top makeup artistry training program making it one of the recognized makeup schools in Chicago. Situated in the center of downtown Chicago, the school is devoted to the art of makeup and its various components. Makeup First has obtained state approval from the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

The school provides students with best facilities and requirements for learning including the following:

Comprehensive hands-on studio time for students to improve their technical knowledge.

Students will be given practical training and the chance to grow and stock up on their makeup artist kit from top quality. Makeup artist cosmetics are also sold at the school at discounted rates for students only.

Make Up First has experienced and professional tutors who are still working in the makeup industry. The instructors include artists from Ravinia; board certified dermatologists and Broadway productions. They are all bringing their valuable experience to share with the students.

Certificate programs available at the school include:

  • Theatrical Makeup,
  • Basic Makeup I &Basic Makeup II,
  • Clinical Makeup and Careers Makeup Artistry,
  • Media (Runway/Fantasy/Editorial),
  • Media Makeup HD,
  • Advanced courses approved by the state of Illinois such as Bridal, Media II, Theatrical II and Airbrush.



Established by makeup expert Amanda Shackleton, media makeup academy offers you the latest and modern makeup training programs in a well laid out comfortable and conducive learning environment making it one of the top makeup schools in Chicago.

If you are interested in learning about fashion shows, bridal events or every day wear you do not need to go for programs that can take up to a year as Amanda has designed a specialized school that has a program that takes five days to learn where you can improve your skills and technical knowledge.

Amanda has worked with celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper, Anne Hathaway, Harrison Ford and Christopher Walken. The school’s work has been featured in top magazines such as Glamour, Marie Claire and Vogue making it the place to be, if you want to have a successful career in the beauty industry. So whether you are new in the industry, or you are looking for a way to further and boost your career by learning innovative techniques in the industry, this is probably your best choice in Chicago.